Dulcolax (Bisacodyl)
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Product description: Dulcolax is a laxative that stimulates bowel movements. It is used to treat constipation or to empty the bowels before surgery, colonoscopy, x-rays, or other intestinal medical procedure.
Active Ingredient: Bisacodyl
Dulcolax as known as: Alaxa, Alophen, Alsylax, Anulax, Atzirut, Bicolax, Bisac-evac, Bisacodil, Bisacodilo, Bisacodyle, Bisacodylum, Bisadyl, Bisadynam, Bisakol, Bisalax, Bisco-zitron, Bolax, Carters, Codilax, Contalax, Correctol, Derderance, Dulco laxo, Dulcolan, Duralax, Feen-a-mint, Femilax, Fenolax, Florisan, Gentlax, Henafurine, Julax, Laxadin, Laxadyl, Laxagetten-ct, Laxamag, Laxamin, Laxana, Laxans, Laxatol, Laxbene, Laxeerdragees, Laxin, Laxium, Laxocodyl, Longshutong, Mediolax, Modane, Modaton, Moderlax, Mucinum, Muxol, Normalene, Nourilax, Novolax, Panlax, Perilax, Prepacol, Prontolax, Purgo pil, Pyrilax, Satolax, Softala-x, Softene, Stadalax, Stixenil, Stolax, Tavolax, Teleminsoft, Tempo-lax, Tirgon, Toilax, Verecolene

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