Topamax (Topiramate)
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Product description: Topirame is an anticonvulsant approved for use in treating epilepsy and migraine headaches in children and adults.
Active Ingredient: Topiramate
Topamax as known as: Bipomax, Epimaxan, Epiramat, Epitomax, Erravia, Letop, Neutop, Piramax, Symtopiram, Talopam, Tidian, Tiramat, Topamac, Topibrain, Topictal, Topiegis, Topifar, Topigen, Topilek, Topilep, Topilex, Topimark, Topimatil, Topimax, Topina, Topinmate, Topira-q, Topiragamma, Topiramat, Topiramato, Topiramatum, Topiramed, Topirat, Topirax, Topirol, Topistad, Toplep, Toprel, Toramat, Zidoxer

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