Fosamax (Alendronate)
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Product description: Fosamax is bisphosphonate which is used to prevent and treat certain types of bone loss (osteoporosis) in adults and Paget's disease of the bone.
Active Ingredient: Alendronate
Fosamax as known as: Acide alendronique, Acido alendronico, Acidum alendronicum, Actimax, Adronat, Adrovance, Aldron, Aldronac, Aldrox, Aledox, Aledrolet, Aledronato mk, Alefos, Alen-far, Alenat, Alenato, Alenax, Alendil, Alendon, Alendor, Alendra, Alendral, Alendran, Alendro, Alendro-q, Alendrobell, Alendrocare, Alendrogen, Alendrohexal, Alendrolek, Alendromax, Alendromet, Alendron, Alendron-hexal, Alendronat, Alendronato, Alendronatum, Alendroninezuur, Alendronstad, Alendros, Alenic, Alenotop, Aliot, Alovell, Aloxin, Andante, Arendal, Armol, Beenos, Berlex, Bifemelan, Bifoal semanal, Bifosa, Blindafe, Bonacton, Bonalon, Bonemax, Brek, Cetrix, Cleveron, Dargol, Debenal, Defixal, Delfoza, Denfos, Deparex, Difonate, Drofaz, Dronak, Dronal, Dronat, Dronet, Durost, En-por, Endronal, Enimon, Epolar, Eucalen, Farmemax, Femide, Findeclin, Fixopan, Forosa, Fortimax, Fosagen, Fosalan, Fosalen, Fosamac, Fosandron, Fosaplus, Fosavance, Fosazom, Fosfacid, Fosmin, Fosteofos, Fostepor, Fostolin, Fosval, Genalen, Holadren, Huesobone, Ledronin, Lendronal, Leodrin, Lindron, Lokar, Lozostun, Marvil, Massidron, Maxibone, Minusorb, Moralen, Mosmass, Neobon, Nichospor, Onclast, Osalen, Osaston, Osdren, Oseolen, Oseomax, Oseotal, Oseotenk, Osficar, Ossmax, Osso, Ostalert, Ostat, Ostaven, Ostel, Ostemax, Ostenan, Ostenil, Osteobon, Osteodur, Osteofar, Osteofel, Osteofene, Osteofos, Osteomax, Osteomel, Osteomix, Osteonat, Osteonate, Osteoral, Osteosan, Ostex, Ostolek, Ostomax, Pamoseo, Pasodron, Poris, Porodron, Porolen, Porosal, Porosimax, Porosin, Ralenost, Regenesis, Romax, Silidral, Siranin, Stada, Sumax, Teiroc, Teva nate, Tevabone, Tevalen, Tevanate, Tilios, Trabecan, Tratos, Valora, Vegabon, Voroste, Zondra, Zophost

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