Levaquin (Levofloxacin)
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Product description: Levaquin is an antibiotic used to treat different types of infections.
Active Ingredient: Levofloxacin
Levaquin as known as: Acquire, Alefox-oz, Alevokem, Anlev, Apo-levofloxacin, Armolev, Auxxil, Bacnil, Benfloxin, Cina, Cinacol, Co levofloxacin, Corbic, Corvox, Cravit, Cravox, Difloxin, Elequine, Evabit, Evonex, Exolev, Farlev, Floracid, Floxator, Floximax, Floxlevo, Glevo, Iquix, Isofloxx, Lailixin, Laiwoxing, Lebel, Ledric, Leeflox, Lefex, Leflokin, Leflox, Lefloxin, Leflumax, Lefos, Lefoxin, Lekuicin, Leoflox, Lequin, Letab, Levin, Leviproxol, Levo, Levobac, Levobact, Levocin, Levocine, Levodak, Levoday, Levof, Levoflox, Levofloxacina, Levofloxacino, Levofloxacinum, Levogen, Levoking, Levolacin, Levomac, Levomax, Levonidin, Levonix, Levoprolin, Levoproxol, Levoquin, Levoquinol, Levoquinox, Levores, Levosina, Levotac, Levovid, Levox, Levoxa, Levoxacin, Levoxal, Levoxetina, Levoxin, Levozine, Levunid, Lexa, Lexacin, Livacin, Locin, Lovequin, Lovicin, Loxin, Loxof, Lufi, Medibiox, Mosardal, Neumoflox, Nevotek, Nislev, Nivoloc, Novacilina, Nufalev, Oftaquix, Olcin, Orlev, Ovel, Ovelquin, Potant, Priflox, Prixar, Prolecin, Proxime, Quantrum, Quinix, Quinobiot, Quinolev, Quixin, Recamicina, Reskuin, Resquin, Rinvox, Rodixina, Septibiotic, Tamiram, Tavaloxx, Tavanic, Teraquin, Tevox, Tivanik, Trevox, Truxa, Ultraquin, Uniflox, Urilev, Voflaxin, Voleflok, Volequin, Volox, Voxin, Weishaxin, Xenoxin, Yaxinbituo, Zenilev, Zidalev

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