Department of environment research

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V.I.  Vernadsky

There are four Doctors of Science, five Candidates of Science (research doctorate). Among them:

–          one Principal Senior Researchers;

–           two Leading Researches;

–           six Senior Researchers;

–           one I Category Principal Engineer.


Head of the Department –Dr.Vasyl Trysnyuk – Doctor of Engineering Science

Office tel.: 245 87 97; fax: 245 88 38,  e-mail:

He is the author of 210 works including 5 monographs on the analysis of modern GIS models and the use of GIS tools of, environmental protection, land use, environmental safety. He has developed computerized system of environmental safety with correlation of population morbidity and forecast of natural and man-made hazards on regional and national level.

Dr. Mykyta Myrontsov – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Leading Researcher at the Department. Inventor of the Year of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (2019), Laureate of the Presidential Prize of Ukraine for Young Scientists (2014), twice a recipient of the Nominal Scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists (2013, 2015), awarded with V.V. Fedynskiy medal “For a significant contribution to fundamental geophysics” (2010), Laureate of the NAS of Ukraine Young Scientists Award (2010), three times received the Presidential Grant for Support of Young Scientists (2011, 2012, 2015), Presidential Scholarship Ukraine for Young Scientists (2009-2011), Fellow of the International Society of Professional Geophysicists-Wells-Researchers SPWLA Student-grant (2002-2003), awarded by the Mayor of Kyiv “For significant contribution to the development and creation of cultural values and achievements in professional activity” ”(2000). Author of 4 monographs (2 in co-authorship), more than 60 articles without co-authors in periodical scientific journals, 23 patents without co-authors.

Areas of research: geophysical exploration of wells, numerical methods, functional analysis.


Ihor Radchuk – PhD, Senior Researcher of the Department.

He is a winner of the Presidential Award for Young Scientists in 2018 for his work “Information Technologies for Assessment of Anthropogenic Impact on Limnological Ecosystems of Ukraine”. NASU Scholarship for Young Scientists 2017-2019

He is also an author of 30 publications, including 1 monograph. Areas of scientific research: research of limnological systems of Ukraine in the conditions of increasing anthropogenic load; Identification of features and common factors of the processes of technogenic and anthropogenic influence on the ecological state of limnological systems using information-analytical tools and technologies; creation of a cartographic model of anthropogenic and anthropogenic load on the local limnological system, using the synthesis of contact and remote methods.



Snizhana Zagorodnya – PhD, Senior Researcher of the Department.

She is a winner of the Presidential Award for Young Scientists in 2018 for her work “Information Technologies for Assessment of Anthropogenic Impact on Limnological Ecosystems of Ukraine”. Fellowship of the President of Ukraine Scholarship for Young Scientists in 2018-2019

She is an author of more than 30 publications. The main directions of scientific research are: ecological safety, system of ecological control, limnoecosystems, nature reserves, geoinformation system, information-analytical system, ERS. Implementation of scientifically grounded approach to development and introduction of information-analytical system of nature protection territories management as a component of system of environmental safety with modern technologies application. Specialist in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (ATS).




Natalia Sheviakina – PhD, Senior Researcher of the Department.

Winner of the Prize of the Supreme Council of Ukraine for the most talented young scientists in the field of basic and applied research and scientific and technical developments in 2016 for the work “Information technologies for landfill inventory and spatial modeling of pollution of the main components of the environment by stored waste”. Fellowship of the scholarship of the President of Ukraine for young scientists in 2017-2018. Honorary Professor of the Tajik Pedagogical Institute in Panjakent, Tajikistan since 2018.

The author of more than 50 publications. The main areas of scientific research: environmental safety, the system of environmental control of solid waste management, ecosystems, nature conservation areas, geographic information system, information and analytical system, remote sensing of the Earth.

Specialist in strategic environmental assessment (SEA), environmental impact assessment (EIA) and project management (project manager).



Inesa Krasovska – PhD, Senior Researcher of the Department.

Associate member of the Geomatics subdivision of the World Data Center Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development Public Organization, associate professor of the Department of Geoinformation Technologies and Space Monitoring of the Earth, National Aerospace University named after N.E. Zhukovsky “Kharkov Aviation Institute”.

The author of more than 20 publications. The main areas of scientific research: geographic information systems and technologies, information technology in medicine, the impact of ecology on human health.




Halich Iryna Valentinovna – Senior Researcher, Environmental. Research Department. Author of more than 10 publications.

The main areas of research:

– scientific services and implementation of international projects commissioned by the EBRD, EIB, the British Know How Fund, European Commission, TACIS, DEFID, World Bank);

– environmental and radioecological studies (Chernobyl NPP zone, exclusion zone and mandatory resettlement zone, object “Shelter”, implementation and introduction of environmental audit of enterprises in the exclusion zone and mandatory resettlement zone, oil production enterprises (Akhtyrsky OGPD);

–  environmental assessments of design documentation for industrial facilities;

– consultations on environmental issues of enterprises and organizations;

– environmental audit of operating enterprises;

– preparation and further support during the approval procedure of OVNS (EIA), ATS, SEAdocumetation development;

– development of teaching materials for the state environmental inspection departments;

– preparation of regional environmental programs;

– development of “Radiation Safety”section as part of the design documentation;

– preparation of regulatory documents for certain types of environmental activities of business entities;


Adviser of Academy in the Radiation Safety Section, International Academy of Ecology, MAN and Nature Protection Sciences (IAEMNPS).


Yevgeny Pashchenko – PhD, Senior Researcher at the Department.

Main directions of scientific research: improvement of scientific approaches to the formation of the resource base of semi-precious stones and evaluation of its productive reserves, which provides for the application of search theory, empirical and expert methods of assessment, the implementation of proactive selection of related material in the process of extraction and processing of primary minerals.


Volodymyr Chernenko – Senior Researcher at the Department.

Lyubov Mishchenko – Engineer of the 1st category of the Department.


  • development of computerized system of environmental safety with correlation of population morbidity with ecological status of all environmental components and forecast of natural and man-made hazards on regional and national level;
  • study of the processes of man-made atmosphere, water and land resources pollution and creation of cartographic models of the territories;
  • assessment of nature reserves environmental status by means of geoinformation technologies based on the creation of multilevel information and analytical systems;
  • development of an inventory methodology for waste disposal sites and assessment of their impact on adjacent territories and population health using geoinformation technologies and remote sensing;
  • research, evaluation, analysis, modeling and prediction of limnological systems of Ukraine in the conditions of increasing anthropogenic load;
  • development of scientific bases and principles of integrated assessment and prediction of man-made pollution of the marine environment of the Azov – Black Sea region on the basis of GIS-GIS technologies;
  • electrometry of oil and gas wells in order to increase hydrocarbon production.


  • methods of geoinformation models construction in order to identify anomalies of different origin has been developed and practically implemented;
  • local space monitoring of limnological systems has been analyzed and bathymetrical maps for a number of lakes in Ukraine have been developed;
  • factual and cartographic models of anthropogenic loading on water objects have been created, and in particular, common factors of eutrophication and bottom formation with a simultaneous combination of contact and remote methods have been established;
  • the information base of the territories nature protection monitoring system has been formed on the basis of the integrated use of contact methods and the actual directions and capabilities of the GDZ / GIS technologies;
  • spatial modeling of major environmental components contamination by waste has been carried out on the example of Kyiv region, information technologies of landfill inventory have been developed;
  • ERS/ GIS technologies for mapping support of decisions making as for safety management of territorial waters and marine economic zones as well as environment in the coastal regions of the Azov and Black Seas protection from the adverse impact on their sustainable state of natural and man-made factors, and prevention measures planning on and elimination of consequences of emergencies have been developed;
  • a subject-oriented software-technological complex for marine waters space images processing has been developed;
  • created vector bathymetrical maps of the Black and Azov seas and synthesized cartographic models of influence on the ecological status of territorial waters of Ukraine (natural factors – river runoff – coastal abrasion) have been created;
  • software and methodological support for research and development work of geophysical instrumentation, which has no analogues in Ukraine, has been developed, implemented and put into effect.