On March 21-22, 2023, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Challenges and Threats to Critical Infrastructure” was held in Kyiv, in which Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Lebed O.G., Head of the Environmental Research Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Trisniuk V.M., Chief Researcher of the Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Yakovlev E.O. took part and spoke.

In connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, for the sake of security, the forum participants considered topical issues related to a systematic approach to the protection of critical infrastructure, information systems for assessing cyber threats, man-made and environmental threats and risks to critical infrastructure, international standards in the field of information and telecommunications technologies and cyber defense of critical infrastructure, challenges and threats to critical infrastructure during the operation and closure of coal mines, and others.