Department of natural resources


Head of the Department:  Dr Olexander Trofymchuk is an Associate Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Director in the Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space, Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology, awarded with Diploma of Merit by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine.

Membership in Professional International Associations:

  •  Member of the Board in the International Consortium on Landslide (ICL),
  • Member of International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)

Tel: (044) 245-8797 Fax (044) 245-8838 E-mail:

Department Staff Members:

  • Five Doctors of Sciences;
  • Two Masters of Sciences;
  • Six Leading Engineers two of which are Chief Research Scientists;
  • Two Senior Research Scientists;
  • Two Senior Scientists;
  • Two Research Scientists;
  • Two Junior Research Scientists.
Dr Yeugeniy Yakovlev is Doctor of Engineering, Chief Research Scientist, Laureate of State Prize of USSR in the field of science and technology, awarded with an Order of Merit and Order of the Red Banner of Labour.
Dr Dmytro Stefanyshyn is Doctor of Engineering, Senior Research Scientist, Professor of the Rivne National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Hydrotechnical Department.
Dr Oleksiy Rogozhyn is Doctor of Economics, Chief Research Scientist.
Yevheniia Anpilova – PhD, Senior Research Scientists.
Main responsibilities: Creating maps and manipulating data using ArcView 10, QGis for support environmental assessment and remediation projects. Participate in teaching and training activities. Support to identification of projects, development of project description documents, technical specifications/terms of references etc. Monitoring of project implementation, updating project database, preparation of reports.

Main goals:

  • Development and implementation of informational and communicative technologies for environment protection and addressing environmental management issues and tasks.


  • National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”;
  • State Scientific Production Center ” Nature”.
  • Centre of the Special Information Receiving and Processing and the Navigating Field Control;
  • State Institution “Scientific Centre of Aerospace Research of the Earth. Institute of Geological Science of National Academy of Science of Ukraine”;
  • Taras Shevchenko Kyiv State University;
  • Rivne National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use;
  • St.-Peterburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia;
  • Institute for Command Engineers of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Republic of Belarus;
  • A.V.Lykov Heat and Mass Transfer Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.


  • Assessment of environmental state and adverse changes of geological environment in natural and man-caused conditions;
  • Development of analytical model of mine flooding, territories and urban-industrial agglomerations waterlogging;
  •  Assessment of environmental and geological hazards and risks, geological environment carrying capacity;
  • Development of methods for identifying of maximum permissible changes to environmental state and allowable load on geological environment within man-caused geosystems structure;
  • Analysis, modeling, predicting and assessment of reliability and safety of hydro-technical utilities and energy facilities;
  • Prediction of the state and hydraulic works environmental assessment; development of theoretical and methodic basis for efficient use of natural resources;
  • Creation of new methods of remote environmental monitoring using technologies of the Earth remote sensing and space images processing;
  • Development of informational technologies for decisions support with the aim of efficient use of natural resources provision and emergency prevention; creation of regional GIS for environmental safety and natural resources management and environmental protection;
  • Investigation of air, water and land resources technogenic pollution;
  • Assessment of risks related to emergency conditions in places of mineral resources extraction and other sites of high environmental hazard.


  • Identification and mathematical description of an additional “aftershock” component of increasing of local seismic risk of facilities damage on waterlogged loamy sagged soils. This component has not been previously included into any current methodic;
  • Regional assessment of potential risk of destruction of chemically hazardous objects with over 50% of capital consumption in high seismic activity areas and  potential chemical contamination zones as a result of possible seismic emergencies with toxic discharge, and probable number of injured or aggrieved persons;
  • Typical models complex of man-caused overloaded watersheds, surface atmosphere contamination in affected areas of natural-anthropogenic geosystems of complicated structure (linear-extended, diffused, etc.) have been developed on the GIS basis and using Earth remote sensing data;
  • Development of electronic maps of high hazard of facilities destruction in survey areas.  These maps consider local natural-anthropogenic seismic intensity based on previous investigations by Ukrainian geologists in three options: maximum (general natural-anthropogenic increase), minimum (anthropogenic component of general increase) and average (in ArcMap 10.0 environment);
  • Development of new prediction method based on empirical data using situational and reactive models of regressive type. Development of method of incidents importance ranking on hydro engineering complexes within the framework of scenario approach to emergencies forecast and risk assessment using Bayesian transformation of probabilities;
  • Identifying of major environmental and geological risks factors of shale gas exploration and production under conditions of East-Ukrainian and West-Ukrainian oil and gas bearing basins (testing of the USA shale gas commercial production experience);
  • Proving of improvement directions of environmental and technogenic monitoring of developed Donbass, Kryvbass and Carpathians mining districts taking into consideration impact from new mining and geological conditions caused by activation of mines and quarries flooding hazardous processes, daylight surface deformation, man-caused earthquakes and terroristic actions;
  • Establishment of riverbed erosion intensity dependence on location angle and bottom barrier height. The most intensive underwater erosion modes have been identified;
  • Development of Ukrainian territorial waters anthropogenic contamination space monitoring information system involving ARG GIS instruments;
  • Development of methodology of computer modeling design and analysis of multipack hierarchical communication network operation with discrete parameters and flows. With the aim of non-linear and non-steady processes of processing and discrete flows distribution management the following has been offered: mathematic models, methods, algorithms and experimental software complex for solving tasks of network operation current planning  aiming at optimization of using its available resources and mathematic instruments for operating management and prospective development issues addressing.