Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Natural Resources of ITGIS NAS of Ukraine, Ph.D., Senior Researcher Olga Oleksandrivna Kriazhych became one of the winners of the selection for the project ONLY: Open a New Leader in Yourself.

ONLY project is a mini-MBA for female representatives of Ukrainian universities. Out of 400 applications, 34 participants were selected, who arrived at Lviv Polytechnic National University on March 20th to start their work. Ahead of them is six months of training with mentors and instructors from Kingston University, which will take place both remotely and in person.

During this training, researchers will familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of implementing business initiatives on educational platforms, develop their own projects, which were the basis for selection into the educational group, and three project winners will go for internships at Kingston University.

Olga Kriazhych, who also works as an associate professor at the Department of Digital Learning Technologies at Skovoroda University in Pereyaslav, submitted an idea for the ONLY project selection regarding the creation of a technological hub based on the university, involving the initiative developments of ITGIS NASU employees.

Such an approach will not only create certain developments in student laboratories but will actually implement an innovative approach and continuity of generations, develop the potential of future inventors, programmers, educators capable of transmitting their knowledge and skills to others, selecting talented students for further scientific work. The purpose of such a hub will be the development of drones, their components, as well as robotic complexes for the needs of the military and the rapid adaptation of created devices for performing peaceful tasks: demining territories, detecting areas of environmental disaster, planting trees using drones, and other post-war country recovery tasks.

ONLY: Open a New Leader in Yourself is implemented by Kingston University, Lviv Polytechnic National University, and Tech StartUp School with the support of the British Council Ukraine under the Going Global Partnerships Gender Equality Partnerships program.

Photo: Tech StartUp School