Leading Research Scientist of the Department of Environmental Research, Professor Serhii Lupenko, was a guest editor of the special issue of the journal Fractal and Fractional (ISSN 2504-3110) “Advanced Modeling and Methods of Statistical Processing of Stochastic Signals in Fractional Dynamic Systems“, which belongs to the section “Probability and Statistics”.

The aim of this Special Issue is to publish original research articles and critical reviews covering advances in the theory, applications, modeling and statistical processing of non-stationary stochastic signals in fractional, non-fractional and hybrid dynamic systems, which take place in different scientific domains, including telecommunications, cybersecurity, energy, economics, biology and medicine. Scientific works related, but not limited, to fractional modeling and the processing of non-stationary signals, including both a model-based approach and a data-based (data-driven, data-oriented, data-centric) approach, as well as a combination of these approaches, are invited.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General theory of random processes;
  • Fractional stochastic processes;
  • Cyclostationary random processes;
  • Cyclic random processes;
  • Fractional-order signal processing;
  • Transformation of stochastic signals in fractional and hybrid dynamic systems;
  • Model-based signal statistical processing techniques;
  • Fractional-order machine learning and deep learning techniques in signal processing;
  • Signal computer simulation techniques.

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